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DataSource's status as a Cisco Systems SMB Select Partner is renewed.


Customer Service

At DataSource, all of our customers are able to reach customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. You never have to fear that a network emergency will have to wait until "normal business hours".
Giving you the best that technology has to offer.
  You can order the service with any national carriers (Comcast, Level 3 AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, etc.), and save some serious money! For example:
  You get 25% off of the cost of the the first 12 months of service if you order Business Internet or Telephone Service through us.  This iscludes MPLS, Point to Point, Cable, DSL, SIP, VoIP and PRI.
  You can get up to 90% off of the cost of the first 12 months of service  if you order any of our other qualifying services along with the Business or Enterprise Class Internet access or telephone service
  This is the exact same service you would get if you ordered directly with the ISPs and the Telcos. Your Billing and Customer Service does not change.  Our relationships with the major carriers allow us to simply provide an additional cost savings
  Need state-of-the-art business phone service? We provide the following:
Hosted and Managed IP PBX/VoIP services. From telephones to dial-tone we have you covered.
  Need Technical Support or Technology Consulting
Managed and Hosted Services including Hardware and Software as a Service
Project and Issue based Technical Support
  Need hardware? We provide the following:
Cisco, HP, IBM and more
  Need software? We provide the following:
Microsoft, Symantec and more
  Need advice? We provide the following:
We can help with problems like dealing with a contract with a national provider (Comcast, CenturyLink, etc.).
Designing a multi-site solution that spans building, cities, states and even the world.
  Need help getting help? We provide the following:
We can also be ANOTHER ADVOCATE for you in the Customer Service Swamp
We can call them from the inside to help you resolve your problem [we can be your internal advocate]
  Allow us to bid on your service contract – and let us show you why we have won so many contracts!
  Please call (866)517-6551,  email  us at or use the Contact form below for a quote.
You can recieve up to 90% off of the 1st year of service for your Business Internet or Telephone service costs if you sign up for any of our other qulaifying services.  Those sevices include:
Managed Services or other project based work.
Hosted Services
You recieve 25% off of the 1st year of aservice if all you do is  order Business Internet  or Telephone Service.
  National Coverage
We work with most  ISPs and Telcos in North America, Canada and Mexico.
  Even if you already have an ISP or a Telco
If  you have a contract with a  provider we can often negotiate to get you the better pricing. We take care of the hassle AND get you the best price!
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