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  Cisco VPN - Virtual Private Networks
VPN - Virtual Private Networks - enable the use of the Internet or extranets to be used as an extension of a companyís network, creating a secure virtual tunnel for end to end communications for remote users to connect back into the corporate network.  VPNs connections are formed from the Cisco VPN client to a centrally based remote access product such as a Cisco Pix Firewall, ASA5500 or a VPN 3000 Series Concentrator.
  Business Benefits of Virtual Private Networks
  • VPN's reduce the cost of remote users coming back into the network. Users need only dial into a local service provider, so the cost is only that of a local call, or in the case of users who pay a monthly fixed Internet fee, it enables the connection to be virtually free.
  • VPN's reduce the cost of purchasing or maintaining dialup equipment as remote users can now come through the corporate Internet connection.
  • VPN's increase the ease for scalability for increasing remote user access.
  • VPN's increase the security level for the corporate network while enabling remote userís full access.
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