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At DataSource, all of our customers are able to reach customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. You never have to fear that a network emergency will have to wait until "normal business hours".
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  Wireless Networking
Wireless Networking is now a stable and very viable alternative for data networking as it enables greater flexibility for users who need to move around the office without the restrictions of fixed cabling structures.  Industries and organizations who have restricted facilities for cabling - manufacturing, hotels, hospitals and colleges who find the need for users with personal digital assistants (PDA's) - find wireless environments invaluable.  Wireless is also an excellent environment for networks run by small to medium sized businesses, which often need to relocate offices more often than larger organizations. The network moves with the company, no need to worry about cabling facilities or restrictions, the network is wireless and needs minimal support when moving locations.
  Business Benefits of Wireless Networking
Implementing wireless technology can mean real benefits for your business, some of which can be measured precisely in financial terms and others which, although less easy to measure, have real benefits for your staff and business processes.
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